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Ryan Yu


I'm Ryan!

I 💛 frontend and very passionate about discovering/teaching latest frontend technologies.

From my 10+ years experience of building many websites including fashion, art, government, bank, universities, e-commerce, design systems and much more, I always try to build quality, responsive, performant and accessible websites to improve user experience.

Throughout the entire courses here in FrontEnd30, I don't just throw you a bunch of pre-requisite and put you in the middle of nowhere when the course starts. I always starts from scratch, code together and complete the course together 🙌.

I'm so excited to help you on your frontend journey and if you have any questions, I can always be reached here.


  • React
  • JavaScript
  • Animation
  • Accessibility
  • WebGL

What will I learn?

I publish new FrontEnd30 courses regulary in different subjects such as:

  • Frontend development + accessibility
  • React
  • JavaScript
  • Advanced CSS/SASS
  • CSS/SASS Animations
  • JS Animations: GSAP, Velocity.js, Anime.js, Mo.js
  • SVG filter Animations
  • 2D Animations: HTML Canvas
  • 3D Animations: Three.js
  • Trigonometric functions for web animations
  • WebGL, Three.js
  • + much more

Some courses are short and sweet so you can quickly learn new frontend skills in a few hours such as CSS/JS animations and frontend techniques.

Furthermore, there are some courses which contains many materials and videos to go through for more complex techniques such as React and building frontend pages with advanced techniques.

So you can decide which courses to learn first depending on your own pace.

Who is this for?

The FrontEnd30 courses are for anyone who wants to improve their front-end development skills.

The structure of each course is always starting from scratch and progressing towards to more advanced techniques.

Even if you don't know much about HTML, CSS and JS, that's totally fine. Each course gives you the basics of the topics and explains the fundamentals of the topic first before diving into more complex techniques.

Just in case, if you need any help, I am always here to help.


What happens after I purchase?

Once you purchase the course, you can access the course on the membership homepage here. Also the details of your purchase will be sent to your email.

How long do I get access for?

Forever! There will be no monthly or any hidden fee. And when the course is updated, it will be free for you too!

Can I share the course with my friends/colleagues?

That's great to hear! At the moment, one purchase only allows one access for one person. If you wanted a team license, please contact me at ryan@frontend30.com.

What is your refund policy?

I want you to be satisfied with your purchase, so if you are not happy with the course, please send me an email to ryan@frontend30.com within 14 days of purchase with a copy of your purchase details email and I will refund you.

I have another question!

Sure, please feel free to email me at ryan@frontend30.com